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April 2022 green talks

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Green Talks aims to engage and promote the importance of being environmentally conscious through one’s actions. On April 28, 2022 six speakers presented 15 minutes each followed by a speaker panel Q&A session in Price Center Theater Lobby.


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UC San Diego, Urban Studies & Planning

Associate Teaching Professor

Topic Summary: Climate anxiety has become part of our mental health crisis. Psychologists have even generated a new name for the feeling of loss of our environment and ecosystems: Solastalgia. This feeling of loss and anxiety can actually be counterproductive, as we all feel the numbness that leads to inaction. I will talk about this feeling and how engaging with our living systems, and in community, is central to combat our anxieties and environmental change.

Speaker Biography: I am from a very diverse and urban part of Los Angeles, where I was drawn to studying the environment to escape the urban jungle. But along my path I also realized that if people were the problem, people had to be part of the solution. The human diversity of my hometown is just like the biodiversity of our ecosystems and generates greater adaptation and resilience to environmental change. I sought interdisciplinary degrees in Human Biology, Environmental Studies, and Human Geography, while working many years in ecotourism and garden, farm, and wilderness education programs. I now find myself in the intersection of socio-environmental systems: I'm a full-time professor, part-time farmer. 


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Biography: I graduated from UC Berkeley with undergraduate degrees in Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences in 2015, then moved to Munich, Germany for a Masters program in Meteorology. In 2018 I came to UCSD to pursue a PhD in Climate Science at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. I now study air quality implications of limiting greenhouse gas emissions and I am involved in multiple campus committees on climate and transportation.

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